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2023, acrylic on unstretched canvas, 50x52 cm

Born in Puglia, south of Italy, De Nola currently lives and works in Brooklyn.
He painted his first wall in 1999. In 2013, in parallel with the practice of style writing, the artist began a research that led him to an expressive abstraction free from the traditional codes of graffiti. His paintings are conceived as a sequence of still images extrapolated from a visual stream of consciousness.
De Nola’s works are devices that lead the viewer through an inner world made up of fragments of sensory memories with a synesthetic trait. His works are born without premeditation, they manifest themselves through the gestures of the pictorial process. He has painted for organisations such as the Bushwick Collective in New York and the Wallride Festival in Italy. In 2018, De Nola presented his most recent abstract production holding his solo exhibition at Galleria206 in Bari, Italy. He has exhibited at Van der Plas Gallery, on Lower East Side, NYC, Tania Scott Gallery, in Brooklyn and Momart Gallery in Matera, Italy.